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Vibrate at the wheel of a racing car or at the helm of a ship

Pilot exceptional gears during an ultra-exclusive journey!

A few hours flight away or on the other side of the world, the thrills are guaranteed.


Offer your guests an experience beyond their wildest dreams. 

A day of driving in VW fun cup?

A rally in classic cars on the French Riviera, or a 4x4 raid in the Sahara desert?

Legendary vehicles, cinema worthy scenery... Everything is possible. 


All activities are supervised by experienced professionals who will make you live a breathtaking experience, while ensuring your safety.
Exclusivity is not limited to the driving experience: discover unusual places, take advantage of top-of-the-range hotels and gourmet restaurants, end your day in a spa... All the ingredients are there to guarantee you an exceptional program at every moment.

Your guide will discreetly coordinate your trip, making sure that the program runs smoothly, responding to the requests of the participants, and making sure that every little bit of attention can make a difference!


Let the dream come true and take part in an experience rich in adrenaline and emotions.

Get behind the wheel of your car and enjoy the experience! 

We take care of everything.



   - SOUTH AFRICA: AC Cobra Rally in Cape Town

   - MOROCCO: 4x4 raid to the Sahara desert

   - NAMIBIA: 4x4 raid through the Namibian desert

   - SENEGAL: quad raid between Lac Rose and Saly

   - SENEGAL: driving VW Fun Cup on circuit 

   - SENEGAL: Willys Jeep Raid



  - USA: rally in Ford Mustang convertible

  - USA : Harley Davidson rally on the West Coast

  - BRAZIL: Buggy on the beaches in the Northeast

  - CANADA: snowmobile experience in Quebec


   - SPAIN: GT rally on Andalusian roads

   - ITALY: FIAT 500 or in Vespa (Tuscany, Piedmont...)

   - NORWAY: on board of dreamcars on a frozen lake

   - SWEDEN: snowmobile raid

   - CÔTE D’AZUR: rally in exclusive oldtimers

   - CORSE: jetski tour of Corsica

   - LYON: piloting on board simulators

   - LE VAR: introduction to driving on Le Luc circuit

   - CZECH REPUBLIC: GT rally combination

   - PORTUGAL: discovery of the Algarve by buggy

   - AUSTRIA: ice driving in Seefeld or Sölden

   - SCOTLAND: off-road 4x4 driving

   - SCOTLAND: rally with legendary Aston Martins

   - GERMANY: the Black Forest in a Porsche

This list of destinations is not exhaustive and we can set up an Adrenaline experience anywhere in the world.

Tell us what you want and we will develop a program for you!

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